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09.01.2017 в 23:58
Mikhail Martynov. Technique of Sambo at competitions. In the first film you saw a detailed story and the demonstration of techniques of Sambo in the gym but in this film you will see the technique performed in the difficult conditions of the competition. This film illustrates the diversity of Sambo wrestling. Watching movies, you will certainly notice the varied fighting style of M.Martynov. For beginners and professionals Sambo wrestlers this is a good video tutorial. There are six parts in the movie.
• Chapter 1 - 14 different techniques.
• Chapter 2 - 24 different techniques.
• Chapter 3 - 15 different techniques.
• Chapter 4 - 13 different techniques.
• Chapter 5 - 12 different techniques.
• Chapter 6 - 11 different techniques.
The film contains 89 the highlights of wrestling from the personal M. Martynov’s archive.
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