kfvideo.com Judo. Attestation requirements for the award of the qualification degrees "kyu".

10.01.2017 в 00:07
This collection includes 120 technical actions of judo. This video tutorial that allows you to take exams, learn technique nage-waza and ne-waza. . Besides simple technical action here presented combination of action. Each technique has international terminology and Russian translation. Each belt corresponds to the level of preparation of athletes. For each degree "Kyu" there is the primary and secondary material. Collected technical actions on 2 DVD's can serve as the basis for writing plans to train. The film will be useful for athletes and coaches and also it is an excellent handbook for schools and sports clubs, developing judo.

DVD 1 - 65 min.

6 kyu - White Belt - 8 technical actions.
5 kyu - yellow belt -18 technical actions.
4 kyu - orange belt - 21 technical actions.
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